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NRN Fixed Deposit

ThamelPlus offers Fixed Deposit Opportunities to NRNs to secure and accumulate your earnings. This product offers higher interest rate with secure investment avenue. NRNs can repatriate both principal and interest in the same currency (USD, GBP and EURO) to their account maintained in the country from where they have sent money to Nepal. As per Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) requirement, you need to sign KYC document in the presence of our bank official.


ThamelPlus provides NRN Loans for various purposes, such as Home Loan, Personal Loan, Auto Loan, etc. We understand your needs and offer you the opportunity to make your dreams come true.

Home Loans ⟶ Personal Loans ⟶ Auto Loans ⟶


ThamelPlus provides NRNs with the opportunity to manage risks for you and your properties by offering various Insurance policies. We provide Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, Auto Insurance, etc.

Health Insurance ⟶ Life Insurance ⟶ House/Property Insurance ⟶ Auto Insurance ⟶ Travel Insurance ⟶


ThamelPlus investment offers a wide range of investment products suiting the needs of investors in today’s financial & capital market. It provides various investment banking services including establishment of Demat Account, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Corporate Advisory Services, Mutual Funds and Specialized Investment Fund etc.

Value Growth ⟶ Blended ⟶ Capital and Returns Guaranteed ⟶ Customized ⟶


A journey is your destination, which are meant for spectacular adventures, for your feet to wander, your eyes to marvel and your soul to ignite because your travel is an investment to you from you.

Destination Wedding ⟶ Air Tickets ⟶ Customized Tours ⟶

Utility Payments

ThamelPlus utility bill payment service is integrated with multiple payment channels and users can make bill payment using e-banking, smart banking, cards, and wallet.